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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide in Eagle, CO

(laughing gas)

Do you put off needed dental care because it makes you feel anxious? For some people, a trip to the dentist is a very stressful time. The dentists at Castle Peak Dental make the option of nitrous oxide — often called “laughing gas” — available to all patients who need help relaxing in the dentist chair.

What to expect when you receive nitrous oxide

You simply breathe normally through a mask containing nitrous oxide. The colorless, odorless gas combines with the oxygen you exhale to create a calming effect in less than five minutes. Relaxing also suppresses the gag reflex. You’ll remain awake and in control the entire time, and able to communicate with your dentist at any time during the procedure. With laughing gas, you may:

  • Think time is moving faster than it really is
  • Feel a slight tingling sensation
  • Have an urge to laugh (hence the term “laughing gas”)

Safe to drive after treatment

Once treatment is complete, the dentist stops the delivery of nitrous oxide, but you’ll continue to breathe oxygen through the mask for several minutes to ensure all nitrous oxide flushes itself out of your body. You should not have any side effects from the gas and will feel normal before you even leave the chair.

When children need help to relax

The dentists at Castle Peak Dental know how hard it is for children to sit still long enough for some dental procedures to be completed, and some children are especially fearful in the dental chair. Nitrous oxide has been recognized by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry as “a safe and effective technique to reduce anxiety.” We’ll discuss the situation with you to determine if nitrous oxide is the right option for your child, and will only use it with your consent. Your child’s health and safety is our number one priority.

No more fear of going to the dentist

Nitrous oxide takes the anxiety away and puts you in a state of calm. Castle Peak Dental wants your dental visit to be as comfortable as possible so you can enjoy the benefits of regular dentist visits and a clean oral bill of health.

Schedule your appointment to learn how we make it easy to relax with nitrous oxide in Eagle, CO

We’re pleased to serve the kids, parents and grandparents of so many Eagle Valley families. At Castle Peak Dental, you’ll experience the personal attention and gentle care that have made us the choice for family dentistry in Eagle, CO for over 12 years. Call us today at (970) 328-1116 to schedule your appointment and learn what it means when we say your best interest is our only interest.

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