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Real Castle Peak Invisalign Patients

Invisalign® At Castle Peak Dental

Are you embarrassed by your crooked, crowded or widely-spaced teeth? Do you have trouble with an overbite or underbite? Taking care of these problems is not just for kids, and there’s no reason for you to suffer from them any longer.

Clear aligners mean no more metal-mouth

Gone are the days when your only choice was the traditional silver metal braces and colored bands. Now you can wear nearly invisible plastic aligners. Castle Peak Dental is proud to offer Invisalign® clear plastic aligners in Eagle, CO. Invisalign uses modern 3-D technology to improve your appearance and oral health by straightening your teeth in just 9 to 15 months.

How the Invisalign system works

Invisalign is a set of clear aligners constructed from smooth plastic. You wear one aligner over your top teeth and one over your bottom teeth. Each tray puts pressure on your teeth to move them into the new position. You’ll wear the clear aligners 20 to 22 hours a day, removing them to eat or clean, and swap them out for a new set approximately once every two weeks. Our dentist will check on your treatment progress at each appointment and make adjustments as necessary.

Benefits of Invisalign

Wearers of clear plastic aligners enjoy several benefits:

  • Invisalign trays are not obvious to others since they’re made from clear materials. This is especially important for adults in professional careers or those who just want to keep quiet about the fact they’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Treatment time can be significantly shorter than the two-year average for metal braces.
  • Trays are removable, so you can eat anything you like. And this makes cleaning your teeth so much easier than with traditional braces. You can even take them out for special occasions.

Straighter teeth for your best smile

We encourage you to view the video below to learn more about improving the appearance of your smile with Invisalign. The dentists at Castle Peak Dental in Eagle, CO can show you what the Invisalign treatment can do for your smile!

  • No impressions needed!  We use the Trios 3D digital scanner
  • No bulky trays and messy, goopy impression material is needed
  • Comfortable for even people with bad gag reflexes

Schedule your appointment for Invisalign in Eagle, CO

We’re pleased to serve the kids, parents and grandparents of so many Eagle Valley families. At Castle Peak Dental, you’ll experience the personal attention and gentle care that have made us the choice for family dentistry in Eagle, CO for over 12 years. Call us today at (970) 328-1116 to schedule your appointment and learn what it means when we say your best interest is our only interest.

With 3-D technology, Castle Peak Dental can show you what the Invisalign® treatment can do for your teeth – so you can love your smile! Learn more about Invisalign here.

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